Saint Carmen (do not be lured by the express, sometimes the stairs are best)

A study of renewal, second chances
Dimensions: 54in x 82in
Materials: Paper, Semi-Stretched Canvas, Acrylic, Metallic Pens, Gauze, Vintage Glass Mardi Gras Gems, 7 QR Codes with integrated text
Year: 2016-2017

QR Code Text (Catalan/English):

  • Vols ballar amb mi? do you want to dance w/ me?
  • No he fet res de dolent. I haven’t done anything wrong.
  • On em porteu? Where are you taking me?
  • Puc simplement pagar una multa ara? Can I just pay a fine now?
  • Ha estat un malentès. It was a misunderstanding.
  • Title: St Carmen (do not be lured by the express, sometimes the stairs are best)
  • Dedication:

Saint María del Carmen Sallés Barangueras (aka: Carmen of Jesus), Born in the Spanish region of Catalonia in 1848, Carmen Salles founded the Missionary Conceptionists of Hope, a religious order dedicated to helping women through education and formation. She was a pioneer in proclaiming equality between men and women and in defending the dignity of women in the home and in society at large.

Born: 9 April 1848 in Vic, Barcelona, Spain

Died: 25 July 1911 in Madrid, Spain of natural causes

17 December 1996 by Pope John Paul II (decree of heroic virtues)

15 March 1998 by Pope John Paul II

21 October 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI

Canonization miracle:


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